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A creative local workshop

on your doorstep


Oyster is currently closed due to Government tier 4 restrictions.


We are not taking appointments at the moment, because of the uncertainty around when we will be able to reopen.

Instead of booking an appointment, we would greatly appreciate you sending us a quick message, so that we can let you know the moment the appointment system is up and running again.

Thank you so much for your patience, we really do appreciate your support of a local small business in these troublesome times.


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Framing for all occasions


Bring your framing challenge. Together with my experience and knowledge of framing techniques and available materials, I feel sure we can come up with a beautiful and elegant solution. 


We have access to wonderful handmade and hand finished frames, which really enhance period paintings.  


With such a variety of precious things to frame we have hundreds of frame samples for you to look at. 


Our frame collection is always evolving so we can offer a full and up to date collection.

Glass Choices 

I have access to all modern glazing options,  and am very happy to go through the possibilities in order to find the right product for your project.


All the mountboard we stock at oyster picture framing is acid free and concervation quality. We can discuss the various colours and thicknesses that would best suit your picture.